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Name:Jake Berenson (AU)
Website:Jake's LiveJournal Account
[This is an RP journal. I am not K.A. Applegate and don't own this character. Only doing this for non-profit entertainment purposes only.]

The thing you should know is that everyone is in really big trouble.

Yeah. Even You.

Character: Jake Berenson

Series: Animorphs

Version: the book series by K.A. Applegate. AU. (Where he was taken from his world takes place in between books #24 The Suspicion and #25 The Extreme.)

Age: He'd be about 19, soon to be 20.

Appearance: Jake stands thin and tall at 6’2”. He is athletically fit, as he is a fast runner and fairly decent at the sport known as basketball. His main attire consists of casual, comfortable clothes to his liking; jeans, shorts, long sleeves or t-shirts, a jersey jacket, and Nike sneakers. Sometimes he wears a tight t-shirt and bike shorts underneath that will be explained in due time.

He’s an young adult with short brown hair that’s evenly brushed on both sides. His facial features would make some girls think he’s attractive. (The girl he likes believes he’s cute but she’s too shy to tell him that.) His face is a rough oval shape that’s plain; no freckles or dimples.

His hair extends to just over his ears. The color of his skin is Caucasian white. As for his eyes, they are described to be dark brown that usually look more or less intense.

Personality: Mildly mannered; Jake is a decent type of person with a good sense of right and wrong. Toward anyone that would walk up and say hello to him, he will usually reply with a friendly greeting in return. Sometimes he may seem to be very mature and serious for his age at first.

For Jake, when it came to being at his world, knew it was rather important to stay as normal as possible, to be under the radar. He knew as well as the rest of his main circle of friends that there have been enemies everywhere. Powerful, and very dangerous enemies. Because of this factor, trusting other people would have proved to be quite risky. He could get along easily get along with most people, but he knew there had been some things he could never tell anyone about with the chance of ending up dead or worse. The same result would happen to everyone he knows and cares about.

On the whole issue on complete trust; ever since he started living part of his life as an Animorph (that’s short for “animal morpher”), it couldn't be helped if he felt paranoid about which people could be enslaved, imprisoned in their heads while the parasitic aliens wrapped around their brains do all the actions and decision making for them. He could never reveal his last name or address, or anything about himself that could end up endangering most importantly himself and his fellow comrades in the resistance against them.

It was hard to tell who’s under control of a parasitic slug and who isn’t because they can tap into a person’s head and use that to deceive those who aren’t enslaved. Unless it could be proved otherwise, it was typical of him to not mention much of anything personal around anyone that’s not part of his resistance team, all the while appearing to act totally normal.

If there came a time for big decision-making, when he was very much the unofficially chosen leader of the Animorphs, he tried all he can to do what’s right. His friends turned to him for this because he's the most responsible and level headed of the group. He’s best suited to lead without sounding bossy. It’s not that he liked or even wanted to be the leader, but he knew very well that there had to be someone to guide the group, to judge and use the others for what they are capable to do in life or death situations.

It could be applied to anyone else who feels scared, trapped, and don’t know what to do. Turn to him for help, and there’s a chance that you would get out of danger alive. There are also times when he’ll step back and let someone else lead if he or she knows what to do and he doesn’t. (More recently he's done this, since most of the people he's been with lately are responsible adults.) When it’s something personal to him, however, sometimes he’d rather go solo.

Otherwise, Jake is able to loosen up every now and then whenever it doesn’t come to mission stuff. There is a part of him that likes to go on an adventure (no matter how idiotic it may seem), and he appreciates the completely normal stuff, most ordinary activities that any typical kid such as him likes to do whenever he’s not swamped with school work.

His sense of humor would be around average, despite his best friend Marco finding the joke in any given situation. When he tries to be funny, some of his jokes turn out sort of lame. Others are actually funny. It helps to have a sense of humor, even when he couldn't go be with or hear back from his best friend at just about any day he wanted to.

He’s not easy to anger on most occasions, but when he is angry; he often talks in low and serious tone of voice. He’s not usually a yelling type of person. (If he does raise his voice, then you’d know it’s best to listen up. Or else, or example, when push comes to shove to which you’re around for him to look out for; if you won’t listen to reason, he will use force.) Whatever patience he has with the person at conflict diminishes if he goes into a bad mood. There are only a few certain things that would make him go ballistic and do crazy stuff that might endanger those he cares about.

Sometimes, when the sky is very cloudy and/or rainy, he’ll act a little moody or gloomy. Because overcast weather to him is depressing.

Abilities/Weaponry/Strengths: Thanks to an advanced type of alien technology unlike anything on Earth, Jake can transform into any animal he touches. It’s been his one and only weapon primarily against the Yeerks. He could change into animals of any size that can move on land, in the water, or in the air. The battle morph of his choice would be a Siberian tiger. When it’s better to go into stealth mode to spy out what the bad guys are doing, or to just try to pass on by undetected, he can turn into various insect morphs for indoors. For outdoors, it’s likely he’ll pick a bird morph.

He can communicate to other people by telepathy in a limited range while in morph. It’s like email; his thought-speak messages can be broadcasted to one person, more than one person, or just certain people he’d want to speak to.

Again, there’s that sense of responsibility and leadership. When stuck in a nasty situation, people can turn to him and demand, “What are we gonna do?!” Jake will usually figure that out rather quickly, and it depends on what’s happening while under pressure, as well as what type of animal he is.

In addition to that, he’s somewhat able to read people. It’s easy enough to do when he knows someone fairly well, unless someone’s intentions are very subtle.

Jake can have patience with others, but only for a while. It depends on what’s going on or what state of mood he’s in. He could try and be supportive if another has a less life-threatening problem, but he’s not an expert on typical stuff like boy-girl relationships or complicated math.

Weaknesses: There are some dangers that come with the power to morph. First of all, there’s a two-hour time limit. Staying a minute and so forth longer in another form would make him unable to go back to human form. He’d be trapped forever, likely to be forced to live out the rest of his life as that animal.

There’s also the animal mind and instincts that come with every form. Small prey animals are highly energetic, and have an overpowering fear for anything that’s bigger than they are, while there are predator morphs that shove aside human consciousness aside to act as ruthless killing machines. Anything that’s soulless with no sense of individuality could override his human mind too. That last type of animal is something Jake would want to avoid as much as possible, for that terrifies him.

And sometimes with new morphs, the instincts attached can awaken in an unexpected way and take Jake by surprise. It would take about a minute or so to get control over himself.

It takes him about a minute or a little over that to change from his human self to animal. In mid-morph, he is helpless. The transformation process is so unpredictable that all he can do is flee instead of fight. No single morph goes the exact same way twice.

Telepathy cannot be used while in human form. When he’s mostly human, he can’t do thought-speak. When he’s mostly in animal form, he cannot speak with his mouth.

It’s important to add that it takes concentration to morph. Doing it too much and especially too quickly would wear him out.

Jake can only morph in skin-tight clothing. He’s very modest on not wearing something to cover him up. The aliens who designed this sort of technology don’t wear clothing. Morphing without his bike shorts and small t-shirt would make him feel extremely awkward and embarrassed.

If he morphs something small while wearing normal clothes, he’d shrink right out of them. In morphing something that’s bigger and wider than his normal body frame, he would tear up his clothes and cause his sneakers to burst open. So, he has to hide or store his casual clothes someplace safe before morphing—unless there’s no time do to that.

He cannot go from one animal to another. In order to change animal forms, he has to revert back his human self first.

If there’s anyone that’s really close to him that’s in danger, or rather if he develops a close bond with another who’s really helped him out of a tough spot, emotions may get in the way and it’s possible that he’ll end up making mistakes and rush on his actions far faster than usual...or he may freeze up and then end up doing something that could put himself and other allies in danger. Unless there’s no one around to tell him what to do in such a crisis, then this is likely to happen.

Threatening to hurt his loved ones would probably set him on edge, depending on how much a threat his foe could be.

Too much fear, nightmares, and very little sleep makes Jake a grouchy boy.

Jumping into something without knowing much beforehand would result into most likely a disaster of a mission situation would be another weakness, but this rarely happens.

History: Jake’s life had gone from just plain average with normal concerns about family, school, and not making it on his older brother’s former basketball team to something a lot scarier. This began on a night in which his annoying best friend Marco, a sweet and gentle girl he likes named Cassie, his model pretty but totally not an airhead cousin Rachel, a kind of dweeby kid he had rescued from some bullies known as Tobias, and himself were leaving the mall to go home. They all had decided to take the risky shortcut through an abandoned construction site that was said to be a dwelling for homicidal murderers instead of the long and safe way.

It was upon entering the place that Tobias had been the first to look up at the stars to see a pale blue light coming their way. As it came closer, about to land, they saw that it was an alien spacecraft. It looked sort of cute about four times the size of a minivan and pod shaped. There was a wickedly sharp tail part at the end that curved that Marco and Jake had agreed that it must have looked like a weapon.

Rachel suggested to try and communicate to whoever was inside the ship, and Tobias didn’t hesitate to tell the pilot to come on out. And then came the reply, < I know. > It was a sound the group had heard only in their heads. They all have heard it.

The Andalite prince named Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul started to step out. He looked like a teal blue and tan creature that’s a mixture of a mouthless human with too many fingers (with an extra set of eyes on movable stalks), a small horse or dear, and a scorpion. The tail with a scythe blade at the end was the scorpion part. After noticing that this guy could do some damage if he wanted to, Cassie was about the first to notice the wound on his flank. Elfangor was dying. Jake had cried that he was the first alien to ever come to Earth. The Andalite slowly shook his head and told them that he wasn’t.

Elfangor knew he didn’t have much time left, so he explained what the Yeerks were, a parasitic species that were invading Earth and taking over human bodies as hosts. An entire fleet of Andalite warriors were wiped out in a losing battle somewhere up in space. He told them this after projecting them an image of one through his thoughts into their minds. The picture was of a green grayish slug about the size of a rat.

“That’s either a Yeerk...or a very big wad of slimy chewing gum,” Jake heard Marco comment.

Then, out of desperation, he mentioned of a plain looking blue box inside his ship, and requested to have it brought over to him. Almost all eyes were on Jake. He wasn’t so eager to go aboard until Cassie encouraged him, “Go ahead, you’re not scared.” Ah, but he was. However he was very fond of this girl, and decided not to weasel out after all.

Jake went in and brought the blue box back to Elfangor as he gave them the power to become any animal they could touch. He explained a little to them about this, that there are dangers and the two-hour time limit.

The kids had to go hide while the Yeerks arrived in their ships. It was there that they met Visser Three, the only Yeerk to enslave an Andalite. The only Yeerk with the power to morph. Elfangor, through private speak, gravely explained to them about this terrible nemesis. He also explained a little bit about the other aliens like the Hork-Bajir, aliens that looked like walking weapons with snake heads and Tyrannosaurus-like feet. He said that they were to be pitied because all Hork-Bajir were slaves to the Yeerks, Hork-Bajir Controllers. Last and certainly not least came the Taxxon-Controllers; massive yellow centipedes with lobster clawed hands, round globs of red eyes, and round open mouths aligned with very sharp teeth. Elfangor told them that they are evil and voluntarily offered themselves to ally with the Yeerks.

Jake watched along with his friends behind a low crumpled wall as Visser Three taunted and eventually morphed into a giant hideous alien beast that ate Elfangor. From that moment, they panicked and avoided being caught before safely making it all the way to their homes.

Jake wanted to believe it was all just a bad dream. He actually did until Tobias arrived at his house that next morning. Tobias was the first to become an animal; a copy of his pet tabby cat Dude. Jake, in being a very down to earth person, acted very skeptical and disbelieving until Tobias morphed right in front of him.

Together, they first learned about the animal mind and instincts that come with the animal form. They also learned that they could do telepathic communication just like Elfangor.

With some convincing, Jake reluctantly morphed into a duplicate of his golden retriever, Homer--after putting the real dog outside. Tobias had explained that morphing in front of the tomcat caused it to freak out and scratch him.

They learned about the “acquiring” stage, touching the animal and harmlessly absorbing its DNA power that Homer, like Dude, had gone into a sort of trance while it was happening.

Jake found his first morphing experience to be incredibly disturbing and creepy up to the moment those dog instincts kicked in. For a minute the dog mind had taken over and barked out the window at the real Homer out in his front yard. Tobias had to help Jake get a hold of himself. It was a close call as Tom, Jake’s older brother, started pounding on the door to get “Homer” to stop yapping. As Homer, Jake smelled an odd sort of smell coming from Tom but disregarded it as nothing.

Sometime after Tobias left, Jake told Tom about not making it on the basketball team at school. Tom in return saw it as no big deal (to which shocked Jake) and started to mention that he was now involved in a social group called The Sharing.

They eventually met up with Marco and Rachel at Cassie’s farm (the barn being called the Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic because her dad’s a veterinarian) just farther out in the neighborhood. Rachel tossed Jake an newspaper and pointed out an article about them—about a bunch of kids playing a practical joke by lighting off fireworks at the construction site and telling people that they were alien spaceships. The cop was the second person that day to mention this “Sharing” group, and that he recognized Jake because he looked a little like Tom.

A little later after that, Jake and the others saw Cassie go to half horse and half human, Rachel stating that Cassie’s the best at morphing out of everyone else. A cop in his patrol car then started to pull over as Cassie had to hide and quickly morph all the way back to human.

From just talking to the cop, they found out that he was one of the Human-Controllers searching for them. Grimly, they knew that they could only trust each other—no one else. Marco then suggested that they all should just try to forget everything that happened the night before, as well as not doing anymore morphing. Tobias and Cassie protested as Rachel was unsure at first but then stood by Tobias while Marco said something mean about Tobias being unable to defend himself from the bullies at school.

Cassie, as she is the peacemaker of the group, suggested that maybe everyone should just think about it. Jake agreed and told everyone to lay low for now.

Marco and Jake went to go to Jake’s house to play a computer game. Tom came in and wanted to give it a try and then grew bored. Then Tom started to talk about that newspaper article Jake had read from earlier, in which led to Marco confiding to Jake that his brother was a Controller. Jake flipped out and hit his friend, who tangled him up in his bed covers and reasoned with him. Jake calmed down but still didn’t want to believe that his brother was one of them.

Later, there was a discussion of The Sharing mentioned. They all agreed that it should be looked into, since that suspicious Controller cop talked about it. As they went separately to see what this social group was all about, they noticed how people seemed to be having a good time. Cassie pointed out as to how eerily perfectly happy some of the other people were, constantly watching them.

Tom came by to say hello and that he had to get going to a meeting with the full members. There was something weird going on with Tom’s face as he twitched and stared at Jake in alarm, who realized that the Tom was enslaved after all, and that his brother was trying to warn him.

Jake went on in casually into dog morph to sit quietly around the dunes at the beach while he overheard what was being said. He recalled a voice that said from the night Elfangor was murdered to capture and kill him—but to save the head so they could identify it. He soon learned that the assistant principal at his school, Chapman, was a Controller and a high ranking one at that. Tom mentioned why he invited Jake over to the Sharing; to make him one of them, or kill him.

Jake fell into a brief period of despair and let the dog mind take control. When he pulled himself back into harsh reality, he noticed that the Controller cop had caught Cassie wandering around near where the secret meeting was taking place. Cassie nervously explained that she was just looking for seashells, and the guy believed her but voiced a warning; “I have my eye on you. Now, get back with the others.”

Once the Human-Controller left, Jake met up with Cassie as she said she was looking for him out of worry. He told her that he was much safer than she was.

Jake told his friends the bad news and admitted that Marco was right about Tom being a Controller. He wanted to find out more on Chapman, so he was with Cassie in her barn later that night searching for a lizard to acquire.

Jake morphed the green anole lizard the next day in his locker, and had run into a bit of trouble because the lizard felt trapped and desperately wanted to get out. This was the first time he had changed into a small prey animal. After the horrible ordeal of having the lizard taking over to eat a spider, Jake went after Chapman to discover a secret entrance to the Yeerk Pool, by a stairway leading down through a janitor’s closet. There were human screams and wails of despair going on down there.

Jake had a purpose to become leader of the Animorphs; to save his brother. But first, they had to go to the amusement/zoo in the city known as the Gardens to acquire some firepower. Cassie’s mom worked there as the head vet, and Cassie had a pass so she could go in anytime she wanted, and got the others in on discount entry fees.

They snuck into the areas behind the animal habitats, avoiding security to gain the morphs of animals that were tougher than a lizard, a dog, a cat, a hawk, and a horse. Marco, Jake and the rest had to split up to avoid getting caught, just after Marco got the DNA sample of a gorilla the zoo staff named Big Jim. Marco and Jake barely escaped the old man in uniform by riding one of those electric golf carts. Then they fled to an animal habitat. They soon noticed that none of the other guards after them followed them inside, because it turned out to be the zoo habitat of two Siberian tigers.

Jake got his battle morph and then he ran with his best friend for their lives as they noticed the second tiger roaring and running after them.

To make their way down to the secret stairway in the janitor’s closet, they pretended to act like Human-Controllers. The stairs led all the way underground as they noticed other stairways and an elevator in all directions. In just noticing this, they realized how small, outnumbered, and alone they were to slow down the Yeerk invasion until the Andalite cavalry would arrive.

Cassie was down there, being dragged by the Controller cop they knew down to the cages that held the screaming, crying, begging involuntary human hosts. The Hork-Bajir without their Yeerks were in their own separate cages.

As if all this wasn’t horrible enough, Jake and the others minus Cassie discovered that there were voluntary human hosts who were just kicking back in a separate room, laughing at something on a television set.

To Jake’s relief according to what Tobias saw through his binocular hawk vision, Tom was in one of the cages, yelling along with some of the other involuntary hosts.

The time had come to act. Rachel morphed into her battle morph, a male African elephant, to save Jake and Marco from getting turned into Controllers themselves. Jake and Marco separated to morph into their battle morphs. Together, along with Tobias dive-bombing the enemies, they were causing quite a commotion. Cassie had come very close to becoming an involuntary Human-Controller. Visser Three arrived to turn into a monster that had a thing for the number eight, from the number of legs, heads that spit out fireballs, and tentacles. Elfangor’s murderer knew that Jake and the rest weren’t just animals, and made an assumption that they were Andalites.

The Animorphs (apart from Tobias) made it out of the Yeerk Pool area with their lives, freeing one human that rode on Cassie’s back. Tom, however, could not be saved.

Jake was taking this pretty bad, and bad turned to worse when he found out that Tobias couldn’t make it out in time to change back to human form. Tobias had been in hawk morph for over two hours. This is where the first book, The Invasion, ends.

From there he along with the rest of his friends have gone on many, many fights and met other alien races, and even gone back in time twice...

And then, he one day found himself among other people in the most craziest and strangest world ever imaginable...and it's sentient. The Nexus, or just Nexus.

Only once did he ever go back to his world, but that ended up as a nightmare, crossing paths with an older nemesis thought to have been trapped in a rat morph forever. David had made a deadly deal with a prehistoric and scary telepathic dinosaur that was immortal. Until he betrayed her.

Currently, he's been back at Nexus, helping those current friends he trusts fight against nightmarish killer cyborgs, while praying that Cassie, Marco, Rachel, Ax, and Tobias would carry on and fight the Yeerks without him leading. He also still hopes for the Andalites, the cavalry, to come and help.

((Have yet to put in a post about his history in the Nexus))

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